St.Annes GAA



A first draft at "Fixtures by Club" is now in place and live. The link is under the Fixtures and Results main navigation item. 

Its a simple but effective page listing all Wexford clubs and a link to a page which displays every upcoming fixture for that club.

Check the page out here, 

Club Officers 2012
Chairman - Paul Berry,
Secretary - Tossy Ryan,
Treasurer - Alan Barry,
Vice-Chairman - Gerry Benson,
Assistant Secretary - Ashling Whelan
Registrars - David O'Connor and Gerry Benson,
P.R.O - David Kelly,
Irish Officer-  Seamus O'Beara,
Substance Abuse Officer - David O'Connor,
County Board Rep - Tossy Ryan,
District Reps - Charlie White and Tossy Ryan
Maintenance Committee  Charlie White ,Liam McGovern ,Gerry Benson


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