St.Annes Athletic Club


Wexford Creamery County Track and Field Championship 2012

Day 1 6th May 2012 @ 11am

United Striders Grounds,

New Ross*

Hurdles: (Heats & Finals)                                                                          Relays: (4x100m)

U15 Girls/Boys                  250m 2’3”                                                             Girls/Boys            U9

U16 Girls                             250m 2’3”                                                          Girls/Boys            U11

U16 Boys                            300m 2’6”                                                          Girls/Boys            U13

U17 Girls/Boys                  300m 2’6”                                                            Girls/Boys            U15

U18&U19 Girls 300m(400m) 2’6”                                                                   Girls/Boys            U17

U18 Boys             300m(400m) 2’9”                                                              Girls/Boys            U19

U19 Boys             300m(400m) 3’0”                                                              Girls/Boys            U18

Novice Women 2’6” Men 3’0”

Senior Women 2’6” Men 3’3” Field Events:

@11:30am                                                                                                 Ball Trow:

.................................................................................................................Girls/Boys               U13,U9,U11,U10,U12

Sprints (Heats)                                                                                        Shot Putt:

Girls/Boys            U9-U19                100m                                                     Girls/Boys            U15,U16,U17,U18,

Novice                 100m U19 & Senior

Senior                  100m @ 12:30pm                                                         High Jump:

Maters                 100m Senior

Girls/Boys            U14                       200m                                                  Girls/Boys            U17,U18,U19,U16,U15,U14

Senior & Novice                              400m @ 1pm

Girls/Boys            U12                       600m                                                  Long Jump:

Girls/Boys            U13                       600m                                                  Girls/Boys            U13,U14,U15,U16

Sprint Finals and Girls/Boys U14 200m Final

Girls/Boys            U15        1500m                                                               Girls/Boys            U18        1500m

Girls/Boys            U16        1500m                                                               Girls/Boys            U19        1500m

Girls/Boys            U17        1500m                                                               Girls/Boys            U14        1500m


·        Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd

·        All athletes must be affiliated to AAI

·        Athletes may only compete in their own age group in all events except the Relay, Hammer & Walks where they may move up 1 year.

·        All athletes must wear Wexford Creamery Sticker with name, club & age group clearly marked (age group being dominant feature)

·        No athlete will be allowed to compete without footwear and club colours.

·        The use of any video, zoom or close range photography at these events will have to adhere to athletics Ireland Code of Conduct p 19-20



St Anne's Athletic Club was founded on March 14th 1979 in the Parish Hall, Rathangan. 

Founding members Rev. Philip Egan C.C, Michael Staples, Paddy Cleary, Anne Banville, Sean McDermott, Michael Vaughan, David Murphy, Mary Redmond, Brigid Scallan, Cathy Roche, Dick Lambert, Toddy Murphy, Jim Byrne, Bill Redmond, Toddy Winters, Jim White and Tom Furlong and Paddy Byrne (our current Chairman).

Membership begins at 7 years of age and we encourage and coach people of all ages (Juniors, Seniors and Veterans).

Membership Fees:
Indivudals:                                   €20 per annum
Family (3 or more members):          €50 per annum

Training / Coaching:
Every Friday 7pm to 8pm

Under 10's:        Rathangan Hall.
Over 10's:          St Anne's GAA & Sports Complex, Rathangan.

St Anne's Athletic Club Committee:

The officers of the St Anne's Athletic Club are:


President Joe Sinnott, 
Vice-President Anne Banville, 
Chairperson Paddy Byrne, 
Vice Chairperson Noel Moore, 
Hon Secretary Regina Moore 
Treasurer Bridget Ryan 
Coach Co-ordinator John Morgan, 
Child Welfare Officer-Michael Bennett,
Delegates for County Board Meetings John Morgan/Paddy Byrne/ Regina Moore/ Bridget Ryan
Delegate for AAI Conference Paddy Byrne,  
Sports Equipment Officers John Morgan/Michael Bennett, 
Designated Officer Paddy Byrne.


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