Rathangan Community Lotto Rules:

  1. All prizes  must be claimed within 21 days of draw
  2. The Jackpot can be won or shared by matching four numbers
  3. The Weekly Draw will take place on each Tuesday night at 8.30pm at a location to be decided by the Organising Committee
  4. The numbers drawn will be indicated in display notices at various places and also on the following week's tickets
  5. The Organising Committee reserves the right to regulate the amount of prize money
  6. The Organising Committee, Rathangan Community Lotto and its officers, are not liable for any loss, however arising, for tickets not with the Organising Committee one hour before commencement of draw
  7. By purchasing a ticket, a ticket holder agrees to abide by these rules
  8. Improperly marked tickets or tickets that are mutilated, altered or illegible will be deemed void by the Committee before the draw.  All void tickets will be recorded before draw and will be signed, witnessed and announced
  9. Rathangan Community Lotto will pay out ONLY on winning tickets that have been entered on time in the draw and have not been deemed void
  10. The decision of the Organising Committee, Rathangan Community Lotto, shall be binding on all matters relating to the draw and said Committee may add to or amend the Rules herin from time to time as they deem necessary for the proper conduct of the draw

If Jackpot is not won €300 will be added each week until there is a winner or winners.
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